Steps after filling Online Application

Step 1:

Download your online submitted application by clicking on "Download Completed Application" on home page and entering NARN number and your date of Birth

Step 2:

Please affix passport size photograph(s) of sole/first applicant and second applicant (if any) in the ‘Specimen Signature, Photograph & Third Party Attestation’ section on page 3 and 5 respectively. Also, please enclose one additional photograph of each applicant in the envelope while sending account opening application to the Bank.

Step 3:

Please mention place, date and affix your signatures at A1, A2, A3 & A4 for first applicant and B1, B2, B3 & B4 for second applicant.

Step 4:

In case you are not visiting our Branch, then for all applicants signatures in the application and all Identification Documents have to be attested by any one of the following. Details of third party attester also needs to be mentioned in 'Specimen Signature, Photograph & Third Party Attestation’ section on page 3, if it's a single applicant application and on page 5 if it is a joint applicant application :

  • SBI Foreign Office (Please click here, to check whether SBI Foreign Office in your current country of residence permits the attestation)
  • Notary Public
  • Indian Embassy / High Commission
    • Please note that, if any or both applicants already have an NRE / NRO account with SBI, then please give details in ‘Verification and Identification documents are not required, if you have an existing KYC compliant NRE / NRO account with SBI in India’ section on page 3, if it’s a single applicant application and on page 5 if it is a joint applicant application. Also, if any or both applicants meet following requirements, then Identification Documents and attestation by third party attester are not required for particular applicant.
    • The existing CIF should have been opened in the preceding two years and it should be KYC compliant. If date of opening of CIF is prior to 2 years from the date of applying for a new account, but you have already given fresh set of documents for the re-KYC.
    • Specimen signature in the account opening form matches with the signature in existing CIF.
    • No change in any of other details such as postal address, passport, visa etc.

Step 5:

If you are sending an initial remittance (cheque / demand draft), then please draw it in favor of "State Bank of India A/c [Applicant’s Name]".

Step 6:

Please mention "ONLINE NRI ACCOUNT OPENING APPLICATION [NARN No issued to you]" on the cover of envelope and post / courier your Account Opening Application along with Identification documents after attestation to the postal address mentioned in the email sent by the Bank during the course of filling online application.

Step 7:

Before dispatching your application and supporting documents to SBI in India, if you want to ensure whether your application and all documents are acceptable or not for opening of an account, then you can upload the scanned copy of application and supporting documents for the preliminary verification. For the purpose of uploading, please click on "Upload Application & Document for Preliminary Verification" button on the home page of online account opening application and proceed as mentioned. Uploaded documents will be reviewed by the Bank and the preliminary verification status will be informed to you over email. Accordingly, you can arrange to dispatch your application and supporting documents, after doing the necessary changes / correction (if any required).


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